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Our Quality

Addcox Heating Center uses all metal plenum with premium Mylar flexible branch runs and dampers in all for proper balance. Metal plenum is covered on outside with 3″ FSK wrap with no insulation in the air stream.

Addcox provides the best connection to your structure with boot clips on all runs and properly sealed. All metal grille for proper air distribution and comfort and no cheap plastic diffuser with poor distribution and high failure rate. Most of the air loss we find in testing is at the connection to the structure. Most contractors report 25%-30% loss on these systems and most of that is at the grille and boot connection.

Addcox Heating has provided the best duct systems for the last 25 years and this is verified when we test systems installed 20 years ago. We tested a system installed 22 years ago by Addcox Heating at a PTCS duct sealing and testing certification training course. The system tested below current acceptable levels and did not require sealing. The instructor told Addcox that he finds our old systems passing all the time. This gave all the Addcox attendees a great sense of pride.

We continue that incredible dedication to quality to this day. To learn more about Addcox Heating Center, give us a call today.


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